Through the Looking Glass: Our Session with Jacey

Making friends in the creative community is so rewarding.

We help each other practice, bolster each other, refer clients to each other. We share stories, support one another emotionally, and capture each other in artful ways just for the joy of it.

I met Jacey of Runa Creative Co. online a few years ago, chatted to her about our area as she moved to Nashville for her creative freelancer dreams, and recently was finally able to meet her in person. She has a poet’s soul and an artist’s eye. When she said she needed couples to practice on, we gladly met her at Radnor Lake one rainy morning to give her a real posing challenge (as neither of us is particularly great at making our faces look right). She was amazing, and the experience really made me sympathize with my own clients as we tried, as normal folks, to magically become romantic models! The beauty of these images is a credit to Jacey’s skill and excellent direction.

Many thanks to Jacey for these beautiful images. Find Jacey’s work at Runa Creative Co. or on Instagram here! She is a joy to work with.