Mass-Collab with Cody Uhls

Never before have I felt like such a beginner and yet so inspired at the same time.

I met Cody at a concert. My husband and his band (Grand Transit) were playing at Rocketown and I tagged along to support my boys and practice on them with my new prime lens. Cody was photographing another band, and we connected on Instagram before leaving that night.

Soon after, Cody organized a mass collaboration day with local models, makeup artists, and photographers to practice and get creative on a sunny Saturday. We all pitched in to rent an Airbnb studio and played for hours with props and light.


I had never worked with models before, so I was thrilled to be invited! And did I ever have some amazing testers to learn with. It was exceedingly difficult to make these people look bad, because they knew exactly how to position themselves no matter where my camera was flying. TALENT. SKILL.


Gamari James

Not only did I learn immeasurably from these folks, but I feel that I made a few real friends on this day. I'm usually very shy about collaborative work, but this was some of the best fun I've had in a long time. I learned how invigorating it is to play off of each other's ideas and really create fun and interesting images. Thanks a ton to Cody for his work on organizing this. Check out his website and Instagram. Also, if you're interested in any of the models on this post, I've linked their images to their websites or Instagram profiles, where you can contact them and see their other amazing work.

To new, creative adventures!