I'm Building a Responsible Skincare Regimen

And by “responsible,” I mean more than just in terms of the environment and animal cruelty. I mean, I DO mean that, but I also mean that I’m trying to love and appreciate my skin and care for it with intention.

My skin is something I've never really struggled with. Oh, I have the occasional pimple, but I generally have a clear, lightly freckled complexion with a normal-to-dry skin type. It's easy. It's tolerant. And I am SO lucky and thankful for that.

But in terms of practicality, having easy skin meant that I really had no pressure to prioritize my skincare. In an attempt to clean up my lifestyle and align my diet and products I use with my values, I've decided that it's just about time I start to treat my skin like it deserves to be treated.


Checklist for my ideal skincare product:

  • Cruelty-free

  • Pronounceable ingredients

  • Effective as daily skin care


So, I decided to go with an old-school approach to getting recommendations on where to start: find someone who has great skin and totally copy them.

Emma Watson has nice skin.

She's also passionate about ethical fashion and cruelty-free, natural products. So, when I read Refinery29's article and this interview on Into the Gloss where Emma shared her entire skincare and makeup routines, I decided to give her recommendations a try.

I've been using Evolue for several months now, and I have loved their products so, so much.

This is not a sponsored post. I purchased everything I use, and I'm having such a good experience I just really want to share it here with you.


At the minute, I'm using their Gentle Cleanser and their Day and Night Cream each morning and night (more or less). And they mean "gentle." The instructions include plenty of dabbing, circular motions, and very little water. The cleanser doesn't make any suds and doesn't have any unpronounceable ingredients. They aren't vegan, but they are carefully sourced and cruelty-free.

They have other products, too - toners, exfoliating cleansers, and the like. I'll work my way through most of them.

My husband keeps doing double-takes, commenting on how soft and bright my skin is. And it makes sense - my face is baby soft. I have never had something this ideal and effective.

And so my journey toward responsible skincare begins. It's been a fantastic start! I can't believe I got a winner on my first try, but I'm really pleased with this as an investment in my future and my health. And, of course, moving toward cruelty-free products supports my personal values, which always feels really great.

Next step: Responsible Makeup (I'm already working on it, so I'll keep you updated).

Do you use any responsible skincare products? I would love recommendations and help!



P.S. - someone please tell me they got the "nice skin" reference. Any fellow Gryffindors out there?