City Laureate Exhibit: The Other Side

I recently had the honor of having one of my poems featured in an exhibit which celebrated accomplishments by my city’s laureate program during its first year. I have followed this program closely and have participated when I could.

Our Poet Laureate is Kory Wells, a community-driven woman with a heart for inclusivity, engagement, and, of course, poetry and the arts. She inspires me so much. The programs she implemented bolstered our artistic community and reminded us all that this town is diverse and beautifully expressive.


Community members of all ages were invited to recite short poems written at Kory’s TN Tanka event in City Hall. This was my first public reading! I think I’ll be doing this more often now.

The poem below is inspired by an hour in Shanghai, where I conversed with the owner of a tea shop while she served us the most delicious tea I've ever had. The only problem was that neither of us spoke each other's language. We had a rough translator who did his best, but it didn't really matter. We connected using the language of tea.


in the tea shop
steam and incense drift
like language
in the place
of actual words


I felt like this was a perfect opportunity to try out a medium I've been curious about for a long time: video. You can see my freshman attempt at film in my one-minute highlight video on YouTube! Does this make me a YouTuber? (probably not quite yet)



This is a new venture for me, so I would really love your feedback! What type of content would you expect on a YouTube channel from me?